Laser Nail Fungus

If you suffer from a nail fungus infection, you are not alone. An estimated 35 million people have cracked and discoloured nails as a result of this embarrassing and sometimes painful condition. Laser nail fungus treatments are an effective, pain-free alternative to drugs and surgery, and can cure nail fungus effectively.The most important advantage of laser to medical treatment is that it’s safer for body and doesn’t have side effects such as liver insufficiency.


How does it Work?

Laser treatment for a nail fungus infection involves a laser being precisely directed at the fungus itself, which allows for it to be eliminated without damaging the surrounding nail tissue. Because the procedure is so accurate, the risks are very low and it is completely safe.


How can I Prevent Nail Fungus?

There are a number of things you can do in order to protect yourself from a nail fungus infection. First, make sure you dry your feet and toes thoroughly after bathing, you may want to even consider using a hair dryer on a low setting if you have one. Always make sure to wear proper footwear when in locker rooms, public showers, and around public pools. If your feet are prone to sweating, it’s a good idea to change your socks throughout the day, or if possible try and wear synthetic socks that will absorb moisture. It’s also a good idea to wear shoes that are made from breathable materials and are not too tight, with the same rule applying to socks and stockings; always go for the looser and less constricting options. Try to avoid picking the skin around your toenails and always make sure to keep any pedicure tools you may use clean and sanitized. Lastly, avoid covering up an infected toe nail with nail polish as this can trap moisture and just make the infection worse.


You don’t have to suffer from a nail fungus infection any longer than you already have, let the expert team at Vancouver Star Laser Centre take care of your problem with our reliable, safe, and pain-free laser treatment.

Laser Nail Fungus?

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